Tree Planting


Whether you require Shade, Street, or Ornamental trees. Maybe your choice is an Elm, Dogwood, Maple, Oak, a Flowering, Fruit, or other Species of Tree.  Be it of a small caliper at 1" or a large caliper at 10", a young tree of 3'high or fully matured tree standing 30' feet high, Louis Barbato Landscaping in cooperation with our sister company Barbato Nursery Corp, ensures you get the Tree you want.

Tree Planting

Louis Barbato Landscaping, Inc., owns and operates only up-to-date, fully insured vehicles and landscaping equipment.  We employ only licensed operaters completely trained in the proper use of all equipment on all our projects. 

Great pride is taken in the proper, efficient and careful planting of all Trees and you can be assured that all trees are planted in accordance with your specifications, by experienced, unionized professionals who adhere to all Federal and State rules and regulations.

Additionally, Louis Barbato Landscaping, Inc, also employs a knowledgeable office staff who can help with your Tree selection, provide you with all required documentation, set up your planting schedule, and obtain utility clearances prior to planting.